Saturday, September 01, 2007

Step away from the ice cream and no one will get hurt!

This is a whole new brand of hunger. I tell you, I am starving all the time!!! And although food is more appealing now than it was about 6 weeks ago, I still have a hard time keeping enough different things on hand to get me through the day. I get kind of nauseated if I have to eat the same thing more than once a day.

Here's a favorite excerpt from one of my pregnancy books -

"It's not a 'maybe I'll have an apple and a cookie now,' kind of hunger. It's more like 'I'll eat this half a watermelon, the entire roast chicken for dinner, and this pie looks good. What are you going to eat, hon?'"

We have been staying inside, trying to avoid the ridiculous heat. I can't believe it's September and it's still over 110 degrees. I think we may go up to Oak Glen tomorrow afternoon for a picnic with Dan and Gloria to escape the heat.

We have our big growth and anatomy ultrasound on Tuesday - yay! More pics of the babies! I also have my appointment with the Sweet Success nurse; kind of dreading that, b/c my blood sugars have slowly been creeping up. (Couldn't have anything to do with the ice cream...) I'm afraid they're going to put me on the diabetic diet soon. Ugh! So much for being able to eat whatever I want!

Happy long weekend, everyone!!

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