Monday, September 17, 2007

Half way there!!!

Well, folks, tomorrow I will be 20 weeks - the halfway point for a normal pregnancy! Of course, the normal gestation for twins is about 37 weeks, so I'm more than half way there if you look at it from this standpoint!! Woo hoo!!

I saw my perinatologist today...and my thoughts were confirmed...I am now on insulin. For now, I just have to do one injection right before I eat breakfast. I figured that was coming, since my blood sugars after breakfast have still been high even on the diabetic diet. Oh well...whatever's best for the babes. Between my weekly progesterone injections and now my daily insulin injections, I'm turning into a regular pin-cushion!!

Oh, and who ever guessed that getting pregnant with twins would be a way to lose weight??? I am down 3 pounds from my appointment 2 weeks ago!! That puts me at a pound less than my first appointment back in early July. LOL! The doctor isn't concerned, so I guess I shouldn't be either (his way of politely saying I had too much pudge to begin with!!). If the babies want to nibble away at the flab on my upper arms, that would be okay with me...hehehe...

My cervix still looks good, again a little shorter than last time, but measuring within the normal range. This is excellent news...means all those Braxton-Hicks contractions I'm having aren't doing any harm yet. We want to keep it that way! Baby A (no, she doesn't have a name yet) was waving her hand at us when the u/s tech was taking the cervix measurements - so cute. First she was waving with her hand open, then she made a fist and moved her thumb up and down, like she was giving us a "thumbs up" sign - "All's good in here, mom and dad!"

My next regular OB appt is next Monday, then my next peri appt is the following Tuesday. At that appointment, they'll do another growth ultrasound to make sure the babies are growing well and they will also attempt to do fetal echocardiograms on the babies to check their little hearts. I guess this is because of the diabetes. The doc said sometimes twins don't cooperate, but that they would still attempt to do it. Amazing what they can do now, eh?

Ok, babies want mommy to take a rest, so gonna go lay down for a bit. Oh, Darrell took a belly pic this morning - can definitely see the belly popping out now!!

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