Monday, April 06, 2009

Cheerio heaven and stranger anxiety

These were taken several weeks ago at a friend's house. For a while, we were going to weekly "preschool at home" playdates every week. We're not still going, because, you can see, it's a bit difficult for me to pay attention to Anthony's school-work and keep the girls out of trouble at the same time, in a house other than my own!!

Actually - that's not the main reason we're not going anymore. The main reason is that Mackenzie has SUCH bad stranger anxiety ever since her last surgery that we can't go anywhere without her having a complete meltdown the second I put her down. It's hard for me to wear her while bending over the table helping Anthony, and then there is still the issue of Makayla running around getting into things.

But's all about Mackenzie's meltdowns. I keep taking the kids to playdates, and I keep hoping she's going to get past this...but today, it took exactly 1 hour and 45 minutes before she calmed down enough to get off my lap and go play. And this was at a friend's house where she's been MANY times before - so it wasn't an unfamiliar place or unfamiliar faces. Poor traumatized kiddo.

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