Saturday, April 25, 2009

Craft night

Last Friday night was my monthly craft night, when I invite my girlfriends over after the kiddos are put to bed, and we craft the night away. Some people scrapbook, some knit/crochet, some make hairbows, some decoupage, some sew, some make cards...whatever we feel like doing, it's more fun whilst hanging out with other mamas!! We start at 8:00 p.m., and have gone as late as 2:00 a.m.

My friend Deanna and I decided we hadn't done any stamping or card-making for a while, so that's what we worked on. Being as we were both exhausted, and neither of us were in much of a mind to make many decisions, it took us an insanely long time just to decide layouts and colors, so we didn't get many done. But it did remind me of how much I love stamping and that I really need to use my stamps more often!!

Oh, and yes...*this* is what my craft room looked like earlier in the day, before craft night. Not much crafting was happening in that room, needless to say.

...complete with the "E" from "CREATE" fallen off the wall...

You will be happy to know that the "E" has been re-hung, and my craft room was cleaned up before my friends arrived that night. It is, however, once again, on its way to being a disaster, thanks to a flurry of sewing and card-making the last two days.

1 comment:

Mama Parker said...

Cuuuuute cards. I want you to teach me more about cardmaking & stamping. I know nothing!!


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