Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Tuesday Blog Party is Coming!!!

If you've never heard of Tuesday Fiona Whitt, I'm sorry. I'm sorry because you've missed out on knowing an incredible little girl, and you've missed out on knowing an incredibly strong, amazing mama. And, I'm sorry...because her story will break your heart.

Tuesday was a twin. Piper's twin. Sweet, beautiful little girls. 14 months older than my twin girls. Last year, Tuesday was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a terrible, evil kind of pediatric cancer. The least-funded kind of pediatric cancer. After an 8-month battle, which she seemed to be winning until the last couple weeks, she went to see Jesus on January 30, 2009.

This Mother's Day will be her mom Jess's first Mother's day without her sweet Tuesday. In honor of Tuesday, and to raise awareness and funds to fight this devastating disease, friends of Tuesday are holding a blog party all week, May 5 - 12. Lots of blogs...lots of giveaways...and all you'll have to do to enter to win each giveaway is donate ONE dollar to the Tuesday Fiona Whitt Foundation, via Paypal. (You can see the button over on the right side of my blog.) Not only will you be helping to raise awareness about and provide funding for the fight against this horrific cancer, but you will be helping to support other families broken by this disease. Families like Cora's family, Will's family, and Lukas' family.

I will be participating in the blog party by offering a giveaway of a set of 3 handmade stylish burp cloths. Check back next week for all the details on how to win the giveaway!!! If you would like to host your own giveaway and join in supporting the cause, click the "blog party" pic at the top of this post for more info.

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