Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daddy and son activity

"Does Daddy have to go to work today?" is the question I get asked every morning by my 4-year old son, usually followed by "Why???" when the answer was "Yes." A couple weeks ago, on a trip to Michaels, I had found a cute little wooden model race car for $1 - yes, ONE dollar - and told Anthony it would be a project he and Daddy could do together on the weekend. This was followed by several days of "When is Daddy going to stay home so we can make my car???"

So, finally, last Saturday morning, Anthony and Darrell sat at the craft table together and put together the little race car. I was impressed with what it came with, for that dollar - wooden parts, sandpaper, glue, a paintbrush (though the actual bristles were missing! ha!), and paint. Given that it was *made in China* though, we decided on using some *made in USA* Making Memories acrylic paint I already had on hand, just in case - not wanting to deal with an "oops - that had lead in it" later!!

I couldn't get a picture of the finished project, because Anthony couldn't find it when I wanted to take a picture!! But I'm thinking I need to go back and get more - they have an airplane, a boat, a train, and I can't remember what else. I'm thinking they'll be fun for Anthony, and would be great birthday gifts for his friends!

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