Thursday, November 30, 2006

Photo shoot pics

I love how the pics turned out. These are only a few of the 218 photos she gave us!

Anthony and mommy

I can't believe she caught a decent one of him in between his screaming and trying to take the hat off!

My sister Karen and my niece Emma. So cute in her stocking!

My mom, sisters and I all had pedicures a couple days before the photo shoot. My baby sister Kristina, of course, was the odd ball without red!

Brother-in-law Heath, sister Karen, niece Emma, then me, Anthony and Darrell.

The kids were so cute together. Anthony loves his little cousin and showered her with kisses all week, though not so much on the day of the photo shoot.

I love this.

My mom and her two sons-in-law!

All of us with grandma - 4 generations.

My mom and grandmother.

What a beautiful family!

The boys. Aren't they handsome?!

1 comment:

Sally Prokopec said...

Your photos are all beautiful! What a good idea to have photos taken while you are all together.


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