Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bloggers unite for an incredible cause!!

I am so overwhelmed this morning, reading blog after blog of incredible women who have come together today in the great "blog-0-sphere" to help another blogging mom. Stephanie, aka "Nie," and her husband Christian, were in a horrible small airplane crash a couple weeks ago, and are both in serious condition in the hospital. Their family has rallied around them to care for their children, and you can find updates on her sister Jane's blog, C Jane Run. I've only been reading Nie Nie's blog for a short time, but here's an example of what I love about her - The bell is ringing...again. What a completely awesome way to celebrate the beginning of the school year!

But today, something really incredible is happening. It started small, but it has mushroomed into something HUGE. There is an online, silent auction taking place. On many blogs. With incredible products. And all of the proceeds are going to a fund set up to help pay medical bills and household expenses for Stephanie and Christian during what the doctors say will be many months of recovery.

If you would like to take part, or just get a glimpse into what's going on, here are some of the participating blogs:

Design Mom - she's the one coordinating the overall effort
Oh Judy
Tangled and True
A Room Somewhere
Vermillion Rules - this one's very cool - she'll make a quilt out of your baby's outgrown clothes!!

Those are just a few - there are literally probably a 100 different sites, if not more, holding auctions in honor of Nie Nie and her husband, in addition to many online stores offering to donate proceeds to the fund. Go to Design Mom for the complete list.


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