Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where do I pick up my medal?

You mean, I don't get one? After this morning, I deserve SOMETHING! Maybe a "worst mother of the year" award?

The day started innocently enough. I only got woken up once during the night, around 2:15 a.m., by Makayla. Then I got to sleep in to 7:00, when Mackenzie woke me up. I got her, and she was fussing, but not anything more than normal. We went downstairs, and I made her bottle. We sat down on the couch to start our day...

..and then I figured out why she was so fussy yesterday. Teething, like I had assumed? Uh uh. Perhaps it was the green crud flowing out of her ear!!! Poor baby had a RAGING ear infection! So I called Kaiser and requested an appointment, and went through the go-arounds about which office we should go to...blah blah blah. A while later a nurse called and we got an appointment in Moreno Valley, which is the closest, thankfully.

So I rushed around to get everyone fed and dressed, and out the door, and we made it to the appointment on time. We got in the exam room, with Anthony and Makayla in the stroller, and Mackenzie in the sling. Makayla decided she was hungry, so I began to switch Makayla and Mackenzie out. I took Makayla out of the stroller, and plopped Mackenzie in, but then realized the stroller doesn't have a middle-support between the legs, so I would need to strap Mackenzie in so she wouldn't slide down and fall out. So I laid Makayla on the exam table, put my body against the table, and leaned down to strap Mackenzie in - you see where this is going, right??

Yeah, next thing I know, Makayla is moving head-first towards the tile-floor, and try as I might to catch her, she slid right through my hands and hit head first. Auughh!!! My baby!! The nurse heard me yell, and came running in to see me clutching Makayla to me. She was crying, not screaming - I think I was crying harder than she was. I nursed her, and within a minute, she was totally, not so hands didn't stop shaking for like an hour!

So then they had to check Makayla in too, so the doctor could examine her and make sure she was okay. She may have a little bump on the back of her head - hard to tell - but she's otherwise fine. They said to watch for signs of a head injury, like irritability or vomiting - OH, you mean normal-Makayla behavior??? I'll be sure to keep on eye on that!

Anyway, then we had to go to the pharmacy, b/c poor Mackenzie has not one, but TWO infected ears - 12 days before her surgery!!! Ack!! She's just too darn good-natured about things - perhaps if she'd run a fever, or tugged on an ear, or screamed bloody murder b/c she was in so much pain...maybe I'd have had a clue?! But no, she has to be "the good one," and just waits for crap to come flowing out before I get a clue!

Then we had to go to Babies R Us, b/c we desperately need a gate at the top of the stairs, now that Makayla is crawling, and I couldn't find the right kind at WalMart or Target.

So now we're home, but headed back out, b/c Anthony has a children's Bible study this afternoon, and I don't want to make him miss it. What a day...


Mama to a Princess said...

Oh no! You deserve a medal but not a worst mother of the year one! You poor thing, what a day! Virtual margarita on me! :)

Barefootmama said...

Oh my! How is everyone now? Especially how are you Jen?

No worst mother of the year award to give. You are a great mum!



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