Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a day!

Well, we survived...I'm glad I dragged us back out to the children's Bible study, b/c Anthony really had a good time, and I had a nice time visiting with the other moms, too. Even the girls got some lovin'. :) We ended the day with a good dinner, and Anthony ate faster than I've ever seen him eat - he was motivated, b/c he wanted to go outside to play with his remote control truck, which he's been doing a LOT of the past few days! (These pics of him are actually from yesterday outside - never mind the shoes on the wrong feet!)

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more laid back...and I've NO plans to leave the house!!! We do have a friend coming to see us, in the afternoon, so that will be nice. I have lots of housework to do, since I didn't get my daily chores done today, and I want to try to get the new gate put up at the top of the stairs. Wish me luck!!

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