Monday, August 25, 2008

Guess what Darrell found???

That's right!!! He found the camera cord, in one of the boxes still in the garage!!! YAY!!!!! Which means, you get pics today!!! :))))) So, I took some goofy ones of me, b/c I'm trying out some new photography stuff for a scrapbooking challenge I found on a cool blog (check it out - over on the right - pretty paper...). And of course, the kids, and some of the house, even though we're not close to being done with it yet.

See how much tamer the hair is AFTER mommy gets a chance to do something with it???

The blue patch on the wall by the refrigerator is the color the walls will be in the kitchen and family room.

The craft room - as you can see, it's sort of a mess, b/c it's already being used!! :)


Mama to a Princess said...

I seriously love your house! It's beautiful & welcoming! ;)

Karen said...

In the second pic of Makayla she looks SO much like Anthony! And I think I was right on Mackenzie....the older she gets the more she looks like her daddy:) I can't believe how big they're getting!!!!

I'm so jealous of the craft room....someday....:)

Barefootmama said...

I love the pictures of the kiddo's and I love what you have done with your beautiful home. Look forward to many more pictures when you have a chance.


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