Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween happenings

Yes, yes, I will get to Halloween. But first, I have to share these pictures...though, I am somewhat ashamed of them, because I am admitting that I knowingly allow the girls, ahem, Makayla, to do this.

So these are my little darlings. Mackenzie's just along for the ride - she puts nothing in her mouth, other than her fingers, so she's just tagging along for the fun of it. Makayla, however, is on a full-fledged HUNT for food (because, of course, I'm starving her!).

Apparently, having found none IN the high chair, she's now searching the floors below.

And...success!! Look, mom...a cheerio in my mouth!!

And this picture - this is my view whenever I try to get anything done in the, cleaning...whatever. Two little munchkins at my feet. All the time. When they're not hunting for food, of course.

Anyway...Halloween! I was lazy and did not dress up the girls...well, lazy and broke...didn't want to spend money on costumes or supplies for costumes. Anthony's dragon costume from last year - which I didn't get to see him wear, thanks to being in the hospital on mag sulfate trying to keep two little girls from coming WAY too early - still fit him, so he happily wore it again.

We started the day off with me taking Makayla for her upper GI...exciting! Wouldn't you know - they had her drink the barium, and did the x-rays over a period of time, and she had NOT ONE DROP of reflux the entire time. We got back to the car, I nursed her, and the second she sat up, she puked all over me?! So I need to email the doc and figure out where we go from here. I'm starting to wonder if she's allergic to something I'm eating - like dairy - that she's getting in my breastmilk.

Then, in the afternoon, we all went to a Halloween party at the park with the mom's group. Emily did a fantastic job organizing it, and there were well over 50 moms and kids there (a few dads too). Anthony wore his costume for a bit, but quickly took it off, because it was just too hot! He had fun finding candy and playing games, though, and enjoyed the cake!

Then, after a quick dinner at home, we headed over to our church for their Hallelujah Night harvest festival. Anthony had a great time hanging out with his friends, playing games and winning candy. As you can see, the dads were all on stroller duty!!

When we got back home, there were some trick-or-treaters out and about, and Anthony wanted to go out too, so Darrell took him out for a bit. It was short-lived, though...Anthony was a bit scared of the dark and scary costumes and a house that had flashing lights/scary noises...he only lasted about 10 minutes. He had fun handing out candy at our door, though, to the other kids...but even that went quickly - we figured he was tired of it when he pretty much dumped the rest of the candy at the last group of kids that came.

We never did get around to carving our pumpkin!! It's still sitting on our island, all big and pretty! Maybe we'll have to cut it up and roast the seeds and roast some pumpkin to eat or something...we'll see!


Mills Memories said...

Love the pics of the guys with the strollers! I didn't think to take a pic of that!

Sally said...

We never got around to carving our pumpkins this year, either.

.:Heather:. said...

We never carved our pumpkins either.

Love the girls hunting for food! :)

joannabug said...

We let our kids eat cheerios off the floor, too. Actually (*blush*), we used them to encourage Elanor to crawl when she needed a little encouragement.

I love the dragon!

I was hoping to find an inexpensive pumpkin on Halloween, but they had disappeared when I went to the grocery store that night. You could make some fabulous baby food from it!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

cute costumes!


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