Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hip hip hooray!!

A HUGE HUGE thank you to my friend Allison's hubby, Bryan, for fixing the problem in my coding so that my blog looks normal in Internet Explorer now!! I went over to do some crafting today with Allison, and I ever-so-casually (not!) mentioned that there might be a little problem with my blog code. Twenty minutes and a whole lot of techie lingo later, he had it fixed!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bryan!!! And, by the way, if your website is in need of some fixing, click on Bryan's name to go to his website...this is what he does for a living, after all!!

All of you IE fans - does everything look good now??


.:Heather:. said...

Did you guys have fun scrapbooking?

I'm such a loser. I have to come to terms that the next 4 (and hopefully that's it & not more than 4) are going to be spent on the couch in puke purgatory. I'm going to be really careful with what I commit to between now & 13 weeks. I just don't know what each day will bring.

I told you the other day I was dry heaving on Florida in front of the old WalMart? So embarrassing!

Mills Memories said...

Today was very fun (we missed you Heather!). It is so nice to have company while crafting. Thanks for the info on Blurb. I started a photo book already!

barbara said...

Yes, it looks good now in IE, although when I posted a message on one of your other entries, it reverted back. I backed out and came back into your blog and it looked fine again.


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