Monday, November 17, 2008

Korker bows

My friend Kristi came over today to hang out, and we decided to try out a tutorial I had found for making korker hair bows for our girls. Her little Abby is 7 months old (but bigger than either of my almost-11 month olds!!). The tutorial is here. It was very simple to follow, and they weren't hard to make at all. I actually already had most of the supplies on hand from scrapbooking, and had picked up the alligator clips, clothspins, and dowels a couple weeks ago at Wal-Mart. I did find that using a lighter to seal the ends of the ribbons was much easier than applying fray-check to the ends of each ribbon!! Just don't scorch the ribbon!

We used a hot glue gun to cover the alligator clip in velvet ribbon, and then hot glued the korker bow to the top of the alligator clip.

Now I just have to get pictures of them IN the girls' hair!! I remembered after I started making them that the girls' Christmas dresses that my mom bought them are brown and pink, so these bows will be perfect!!

1 comment:

Mama Parker said...

They came out great!

This is on one of my many lists of crafty things to do!


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