Friday, September 19, 2008

Aargh, matey!

This afternoon, we are going to a pirate playdate at the park, with the moms group extraordnaire. Our household is sorely lacking in dress-up clothes, so I had to fabricate some piratey-goodness for Anthony. I found this pirate hat pattern, which I printed and cut out, then glued onto black cardstock. Instead of making a strap out of cardstock, however, I used this tip from Grace Violet about using elastic and eyelets, and attached an elastic strap - figured it would stay on better.

Then I cut out two circles (using a play-doh lid as a template) of black knit fabric, used fusible tape to iron them together, and turned them right side out. I then punched two holes in the resulting patch, attached eyelets, and tied elastic (the eyelet/elastic trick didn't work out so well here, so I had to just tie it) around each one to form a strap.

Anthony was quite thrilled with the outcome and can't wait for the playdate!! I decided I'd better take pictures now, though, because the kids are going to have a water fight at the playdate, and I'm guessing the cardstock hat may not fare too well against the water!! Too bad I don't have a laminating machine!! Or a laminating cartridge for my Xyron!! Might have to add that to my wish list...

On a weird note, when I was glueing the hat together, I got a whiff of the glue stick, and almsot became nauseous. The glue stick smells JUST LIKE the glue they used on Mackenzie's wounds during her surgery!!! How bizarre is that??? After her surgery, she smelled so strongly, and I kept giving her sponge baths and lathering her with lavendar lotion, thinking it was the antiseptic they had used on her, and I couldn't understand why the smell wouldn't go away. Now I know...I wasn't washing the GLUE away!! Wow...hopefully that scent association won't last too long...I LOVE glue sticks!! :)

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Mama to a Princess said...

So creative! Interesting about the glue!


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