Friday, September 19, 2008

Pirate Playdate

We had a great time at the pirate playdate this afternoon at the park...although, I think Anthony couldn't see for the better part of the afternoon, between his eye patch over one eye and his hat sliding down over the other! But he was so excited to wear them, he refused to take them off until we got back in the car to go home. Kristi did a great job organizing, and the kids participated in a treasure hunt and a pirate-ship water fight. At first Anthony wasn't too keen on getting wet...ah, my "I don't like to get messy" kid...I've got to keep working on that!! But once he got into the fun of it, he was even squirting himself with water.

This is Kristi, the mom who organized the playdate, and the wonderful friend who brought all 3 of her kiddos over on Tuesday to watch Anthony and Makayla for me while I tookd Mackenzie to the doctor. AND, she offered to do the same again this Tuesday!! What a sweet friend!!


Mama to a Princess said...

How fun! I was bummed to miss this one! Kristi is so creative!!!

Roy, Kristi, Hannah, Bethany and Abigail said...

Aww...thanks Jennifer! I had fun too! That really is an awful picture of me though!! heeheehee

I am HAPPY to watch your kids for you...AND...I am HAPPY to call you my friend!!!


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