Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Don't do it, baby!!

Earlier today, I was picking up some random toys that had accumulated downstairs, and was piling them on the stairs so that Anthony could start taking them back upstairs where they belong. Little baby had been laying peacefully in her bassinet when I put her on the stairs, but the next time I looked, she was standing there, with no clothes on, looking like she was ready to jump!! Or maybe hula dancing - not really sure!! She's kinda got those hips pushed out to one side a bit, eh? :)

And, oh boy, are we in for some fun. Have I ever mentioned how spoiled we were with Anthony? He was such a mellow baby and toddler. Never got into things, never tried to stick his fingers in light sockets, never picked things up off the floor to put in his mouth really. We never even really had to child-proof - seriously, all we did was put plugs in the outlets, and I put toilet locks on those, but he never did show any interest in them anyway. He never got into cabinets or pulled things out, really. So easy.

Makayla? Yeah, she's gonna be the total opposite. She thinks she's hot stuff now that she can crawl from one end of the house to the other and she knows her way around. Today she was in the craft room, pulling Anthony's things off the shelves. And chewing on my sewing machine cord, which, thankfully, was not plugged in. And pulling the trash can over. Over and over and over again. And picking up tiny bits of play-doh off the floor. Fun. The afternoon was filled with choruses of, "Mo---0m, Makayla's trying to get my car!!" and "Moooo----ooommm, Makayla's trying to touch my toys!!" Yes, Anthony, I replied, "That's what babies do." My standard response. :)


Karen said...

And just wait until Mackenzie's crawling too :) Although she seems like she will be mellower like fuh....gotta love the safety gate:)

Mama Parker said...

LOL! Sounds like fun. Lots of "No-Nos" in the future. She'll keep you on your toes!

Mama to a Princess said...

Oh boy! And so it begins! :)


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