Wednesday, September 03, 2008


First, here are some pics of Makayla's feet sportin' the new shoes - cute, huh? But I need to make the with leather soles - after an hour and a half of jumping, she has already worn small holes through one layer of the soles!!

And here's what I spent this afternoon doing when I should've been doing housework!! It's a pin cushion. Cute, isn't it? Again, though, I chose yet another 3-D object to sew...I really need to stick to some flat stuff for a while til I really get the hang of this sewing thing!!


Mama Parker said...

Love the chubby lil baby legs! Ok, are you for real? Where are you finding this time to sew?!? I need to break out my machine!!

Sally said...

Very cute! You are definitely doing great for first time sewing projects! I have sewn off and on since I was a little girl...made a skirt or two, some shirts, and I don't know that I would try making those shoes! They look darling, though. If you want to try making a bag/purse, I have a nice pattern that is fairly simple (Sewing for Dummies...) and I know I have an un-opened one I could send you!

Barefootmama said...

love the pin cushion. may have to try that myself. I agree with mama Parker, where are you finding the time? I only have one child, one on the way and two dogs plus husband and I can't find the time for "me time" sewing :)
You are definitely an inspiration Jen!

God Bless You!


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