Friday, September 12, 2008

Free at last!

We are home!!! Yay!!! I don't have time to write out the whole long story now, but on Wednesday, Mackenzie got very sick and even turned blue b/c she was having such a hard time breathing. She had to be on oxygen and received IV antibiotics. Turned out she had gotten pneumonia. By yesterday morning, she was much improved, but still was eating very little, so they kept her. Finally today, she's back to her normal happy, jumping self, and ate a full 4 oz this morning!! She'll continue on antibiotics for another week, as well as ear drops and meds for pain and agitation. But she's smiling and happy!! We got home a couple hours ago, and she's sleeping peacefully in her own bed right now!!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and well-wishes!! I will write out the whole story sometime in the next few days, in all the messy details! :) And I'll try to get some pics posted soon!!! (By the way, we're having internet issues - the wireless router seems to have stopped working, so I can't access the internet on my laptop - have to share Darrell's desktop!! So I probably won't be online as much as normal!!)

Oh, and I realized after the fact, that I never really did post about the actual surgery, with all the other drama going on!! The surgery went very well. Her lip looks great. The ENT was able to put the tubes in her ears - and that's a great thing, b/c there was fluid in both ears, and her right ear (the one with the perforated ear drum 2 weeks ago) was getting infected again. The best news of all is that after they put the tubes in and drained the fluid, the audiologist did the hearing tests and got "near normal" results!!! She said we'll have to re-test in 2 months and continue to monitor, since they results weren't perfect, but that she felt very reassured with the results. And I noticed an immediate improvement - actually, I think that may be part of why Mackenzie was so agitated the first couple days - she's not accustomed to being able to hear! All of that noise in the hospital must have been rather overwhelming for her!! But she's laughing more and babbling more already- yay!!


Mama Parker said...

So glad that everything turned out okay. I bet it's nice to all be back home and more comfortable!!

Anonymous said...

Home at last, so happy to hear all is going well!

Mama to a Princess said...

WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so glad you are home!


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