Sunday, September 21, 2008

Touches of Fall

Ahhhhh...that's me breathing a long sigh of relief and inhaling the cool, crisp air which has graced us over the past couple days, especially in the evenings. What a blessing to not have to run the A/C, and to be able to sleep with the windows open again. Yesterday morning, after over 3 weeks of not leaving the house without any children in tow, I finally got some mommy-alone time, and when I returned in the afternoon, I caught up on some much-needed house-cleaning.

My reward was then to pull out the autumn decorations, which kicks off my very FAVORITE time of year!! From September through January is absolutely MY time!! I was MADE for this time of year, I promise you!! It's something deep in my soul which is soothed by and totally responds to the scents, colors, tastes, textures, and sounds of the fall and early winter.

1 comment:

Mama Parker said...

Lookin' good! I have to go get my fall stuff up now!


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