Sunday, September 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I've been menu-planning for a couple months, now, but I've never officially participated in Menu Plan Monday, hosted by Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie. I've been reading her blog for a while and I glean much from her musings and advice!! Anyway, I just finished up our menus for the next two weeks, and have added them to my Google Calendar (you can see it down on the right side of my blog), and made up my grocery list for shopping tomorrow. I'm trying a couple new recipes this week that sound really yummy - can't wait!! We're going apple-picking on Wednesday morning, so I'll be looking forward to using the apples in some delicious ways. I'm especially excited about Saturday's dinner...we're having a couple friends over, so they'll be my guinea pigs!! Hope they're up for the adventure! The apple pie is my own recipe and we love it! If you click the link, it will take you to a previous post in which I listed the ingredients (though I've never actually measured them!).

So, here's what's coming...

Monday - Salad with yellow fin tuna, goat cheese, radishes and capers
Tuesday - Tortilla and black bean pie
Wednesday - Rotisserie glazed pork roast, baked apples
Thursday - Leftover buffet
Friday - BBQ chicken pizza
Saturday - Pumpkin Cranberry Crusted Chicken w/Bacon Maple Glaze, sweet potato mash, green beans, apple pie
Sunday - Grilled steaks, potatoes, corn on the cob

So what about you all? Anyone else figured out what you're eating this week? I swear by it - menu planning saves time, energy, stress and money!!


Lisa said...

Looks like a great week! I have Jennifer Knapp "Refine Me" on my playlist, too!

Mimi said...

Wow, what a diverse menu. Saturday's menu looks intriguing.

Garden Girl said...

Looks like a very yummy menu! I'm checking out Saturday's recipe :)

Org Junkie said...

Mmmmmm hot apple pie with frozen vanilla yogurt. So good!

Thanks for joining MPM!!


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