Friday, September 05, 2008 of the house!!!

As you can see, there is still much to be done in the way of decorating...especially in the family room and master bedroom. I also still have to put up Mackenzie's name above her bed, and put up some wall words in the master bath...I have them, just haven't had a chance to put them up yet. Darrell's been working on putting together some temporary bookshelves in the loft, where we will put our books for now. Eventually, we want to do built-in bookshelves in the front room downstairs and make it a library/study/sitting room. But at $16 a pop for the short ones and $24 a pop for the tall ones, we couldn't beat the deal on the temporary bookshelves from Target!!

Mackenzie has her pre-op appointment this afternoon, which Darrell is taking her to. I'll update here later.


Barefootmama said...

Everything is coming together. I love your color choices and decorating.

dcarlson said...

Looking good! I love the colors. The girls room is so fun. Love the surfer girl stuff.
I still am very jealous of the scrapbook/craft room. Wow I guess I can dream!

Sally said...

Can you put some of your decorating mojo in the mail to me?? I need help in that area!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice job, a little at a time and you'll have it all done.

Mama to a Princess said...

As you know I love your house!

You are very talented, Martha! ;)


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