Sunday, September 21, 2008

Life with my kiddos

I got these pics of the girls today after church. The dress Makayla is wearing is a 3-6 month dress that I bought AGES ago, and she just now fits in it. The dress Mackenzie is wearing is a NEWBORN dress, and it's still a little big on her. Aye aye aye. Did I mention that the girls will be 9 months old in 5 days??

In the one photo, where Makayla has her face kind of scrunched up, she's showing off her new skill that her daddy taught her while I was at the hospital with Mackenzie a couple weeks ago...she scrunches up her nose, purses her lips, and huffs in and out of her nose really fast. It's really quite adorable, though I must say it's a bit annoying when she does it with a mouth full of food, because inevitably, the food comes spilling out. But she's cute, and she knows it!

So, we ventured out to dinner tonight, as a family. The last time we did this was a few months ago, when we first got the house, while my dad was still here visiting with us. It was an adventure, but overall, went pretty well. I'm guessing maybe we need to get out a bit more often,'s the conversation I had with Anthony prior to leaving the house...

Me: Anthony, are you ready?
A: Where are we going?
Me: To get something to eat.
A: But where?
Me: At a restaurant.
A: Like, we're going INSIDE to eat??

Um, yeah...the kid knows WAY too much about drive-thrus!!!! That's because usually when we get food, it's me and all 3 kids, and it's just way too hard to drag all 3 into an eat-in place, so we find the nearest drive-thru!!

Anthony and I have had a few other interesting conversations lately, as well. I've been trying to be more diligent about doing daily bible study with him during the week, and we've had some interesting convos about God. The other night, he was scared to go to sleep, and we were doing his bedtime prayers, and I was reminding him that when he's scared, he can always pray to God to comfort him and keep him safe. He kept asking, "But where is He?" I explained, for the hundredth time, "He's all around us, He's everywhere." He said, pointing to the empty spot on the pillow next to him, "He's right here???" I said, "Yes, God is right here," thinking that would help him not be so scared. Um, yeah...he totally freaked out and said, upset, "I don't WANT Him right here!!!" I had to stifle my laughter, and I quickly assured him that God wasn't scary, and that if it made him feel better, I could ask God to stand outside the room rather than be in his bed! He agreed to that.

Later in the week, we were driving, and he again asked me, "Where is God?" I again explained that God is all around us, everywhere. He said, "Is He right there?" pointing to the empty front passenger seat. I laughed and assured him that God was, indeed, right there!

It makes me wonder what goes on in his head when he's NOT asking me questions!! :)


Karen said...

The girls look so sweet in their dresses:) And how funny is Anthony? It is funny to wonder what goes on in their heads:) We say prayers every night with Emma, and one of the bedtime songs I sometimes sing with her is Jesus Loves Me. She kind of understands what the prayers are, but I've never heard her ever say "God" or "Jesus" - until the other night. I asked her what song she wanted to sing, and it was "Fankle" which means Twinkle Little Star. Then asked her what she wanted to sing came out something like "Jaysus" - it was the cutest thing ever and I just busted out laughing and ran into our bedroom to make her say if for Heath....

Mama Parker said...

The girls look so sweet and cute! We NEVER ever go out to dinner. I can't remember the last time we went out to eat with Isabella and it's been a good 6 months since Richard & I have had a night out. Someday!

Susan M. Heim said...

My twin boys are 4, and we've only taken them out to a real restaurant once so far! I love the story about finding God with your son. The teachers at my boys' Christian preschool tell them that Jesus is in their heart! It's very sweet.


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