Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good food, good friends.

First, a couple pictures of darling Mackenzie. She is getting so much better at sitting up. She still doesn't do well without the boppy, but inside the boppy, she can sit for quite a long period of time now. She was sitting there playing quite contentedly while I worked on a sewing project. Ahh...the good life. Can you believe the twins are 9 months old already?? All at once, it feels like it's flown by and as though they've been part of our family forever.

Darrell was off work on Friday (his 9/80 Friday off), and ran some errands during the day while I tried to get the house cleaned up. The twins were on weird schedules all week - the one where they decide to take naps at opposite times, leaving one of them awake at all times...making it nearly impossible for me to get much accomplished.

Friday evening, Darrell took Anthony to Medieval Times for dinner and fun. Meanwhile, I got the girls to bed, and then 3 other moms came over for craft night!! FUN!! I had made a BIG batch of caramel popcorn - as you can see in the pics - and we also had chips, cookies and mulled cider - yum! Allison worked on her scrapbooking, Amber worked on Chloe's baby book, Louise worked on cutting pieces for some sewing projects she's doing for her 4-year old son Erik, and I finished the second baby skirt out of the pieces I had previously cut for the pants mishap. The last mom left at nearly 1:00 a.m...we had a good time!!

Saturday Darrell worked on the lawn and then washed our cars. (Yay - mine was seriously in need of a wash, and his had tree sap all over it!!) Saturday evening, my new friend Kristi and her husband and 3 kids came over for dinner. I fixed Pumpkin Cranberry Crusted Chicken with Bacon-Maple Glaze and Sweet Potato Mash, along with homemade Apple Pie. The food was great and the time spent with friends was even better! The Lord has truly blessed us with wonderful new friends here.

This morning Anthony and I went to church (which was quite awesome, I might add - our pastor was ON FIRE today!!), and this afternoon I finished a sewing project I've been working on as a gift for a friend who's been going through some rough times. (I'll wait and post the pics of the project until after I've given it to her, since she reads my blog!!) Darrell is at the evening church service right now. The girls are both teething and have been quite cranky today, and it would have been very unpleasant taking them to church!!

I think this week will be a little quieter for us than last week...hoping so, anyway. Last week was fun, but I was quite worn out by the end! Hope everyone has a great week!


Mama to a Princess said...

I was bummed not to see you at church today. I have a little sumpin sumpin for ya! I may drop it by tomorrow.

I want to know how you have the time & energy to:

A) Make your own Poppy Cock (that's my fave of all the caramel popcorn-LOL)
B) Sew your children's clothing...AND make doubles to sell on etsy
3) Take artistic photos of it all.

Really, I can't read your blog anymore. I feel much too inadequate. Come organize my life....please?

Sally said...

I just went to Medieval Times, too! It was maybe about a week ago. Did Anthony like it?

Roy, Kristi, Hannah, Bethany and Abigail said...

we had fun too! thanks jen!

AND I second Heather!


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